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AguatecaIn Aguateca you will find archaeological sites that flourished during the Classical Period of the Mayan times. Next to Aguateca in the same general area of the Pasion River in the region of Peten there are also Ceibal and Dos Pilas, two more sites from the same period. Recent investigations in the Aguateca area resulted in findings of great importance to studying the decline of the Maya civilization.

AguatecaAguateca is not for the average tourist, but getting there is half the fun. There are no imposing temples, although its ruins are among the best preserved and restored of the Mayan sites in Guatemala. You have to take a boat and if water levels are not high enough, you walk the shallow parts of the lake. The river basin, which includes the Petexbatun Lagoon, is one of the most interesting combinations of waterways, natural beauty and archaeological interest.

Due to its natural habitat for fauna and flora and its richness with Mayan ruins, the general Peten area has been declared both Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and has since been the only place on earth to have received these two recognition's.


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