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Spanish Schools

Guatemala offers the best prices and opportunities to learn Spanish. Placement with a Guatemalan family is the most popular arrangement for students and the best way to learn the language. A family will help you to practice your Spanish and at the same time you will learn more about the country, its culture and its customs.

Should you prefer to stay in an apartment, a house or a hotel, EnjoyGuatemala will help you find accommodations anywhere in the country. Generally, classes are given on a weekly basis at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes usually begin on Mondays and students may enrol at any time during the year. However, it is advisable to make your reservation in advance and ask about starting dates.

For more detailed information about Spanish schools, please contact us.

Most language schools in Guatemala have one teacher for each student, in order to assure you the best individual training, and enable you to learn at your own pace and without pressures of any kind. This is a fast and well-proven way to learn a language.

There is a great variety in prices, but generally, they range from US$60 per week for 4 hours daily, up to US$100 per week for seven hours daily. If you choose to live with a Guatemalan family you can expect to pay about US$50 more per week for a private room and three meals daily (except Sunday). The language schools are located in different villages, each with different cultural backgrouds. This facilitates learning the language and discovering the particuar village's charm-at the same time. Regardless of the town you choose to study Spanish, you will certainly have an unforgettable stay full of new and wonderful experiences.


Spanish Schools:

Spanish Schools in Guatemala

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