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Logo Hotel Jungle Lodge

Hotel Jungle Lodge

Description Jungle Lodge

Hotel Jungle Lodge, Tikal GuatemalaThe Hotel Jungle Lodge is located only 1 km from the Central Plaza of Tikal. Its is one of two hotels within the boundaries of the National Park, surrounded by the pristine rainforest in Peten. The Jungle Lodge is the place where you want to be!! Beautiful and comfortable bungalows are nestled in exuberant nature. The Hotel provides guided services to the archaeological sites, bird watching tours and transportation to many other sites in Peten.

Amenities Jungle Lodge

Hotel Jungle Lodge, Tikal GuatemalaThe Jungle Lodge also has a swimming pool where you can admire the keel-billed toucans, howler and spider monkeys. The accommodations include hot and cold showers, two double beds, ceiling fans, private porch and a symphony, courtesy of the jungle. After an exciting day of discovery and exploration, you can relax with a refreshing drink from bar and later, enjoy a candle light dinner in our restaurant.

The Jungle Lodge is located in the National Park of Tikal. The only source of power is a generator located at the research facility of the park. Therefor the hotel has limited electricity and no power between 10 PM and 6 AM.

Hotel Jungle Lodge in Tikal Guatemala

Hotel Amenities:
Room Amenities:
  • Bird watching
  • Comfortable bungalows
  • Hot and cold showers
  • Two double beds
  • Ceiling fans
  • Private porch and a symphony
  • Courtesy of the jungle

Hotel Jungle Lodge

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Hotel Jungle Lodge
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