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Conventions in Antigua

Antigua Guatemala is an outstanding choice for all types of congresses and conventions. The Colonial City of Antigua in Guatemala is one of the world's most unique locations for congresses and conventions. With modern conference facilities, outstanding hotels and a great variety of restaurants, Antigua has the infrastructure necessary to hold large and small conventions. Because Antigua is located only 45 minutes from Guatemala's international airport “La Aurora”, it offers a convenient location free of the noise of large metropolitan areas and almost no traffic.

Conference guests can stroll from their hotels to meetings, along cobblestone streets lined with adobe houses and colonial buildings. Antigua offers museums, colonial ruins, art galleries and cultural events to occupy conference goers in their free hours. They are equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, and can easily arrange other services, such as translations. In addition to conference centers in hotels, several of Antigua's monasteries and convents have been adapted for conference use. In total, conference space for as many as 3,500 people is available in Antigua.

With a hotel capacity of about 600 rooms, the city offers excellent accommodations in all price ranges to suit every taste. Naturally, Antigua is where world leaders stay when are visiting Guatemala. Both United States President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton chose Antigua hotels during their visit to Guatemala.

As everyone who has attended a conference knows, informal meetings where people can exchange information and renew old friendships are just as important as the main events in the conference rooms. Antigua Guatemala offers lots of lovely places for private conversations and dining. Guatemalan Dishes and International Cuisine is elegantly served in colonial courtyards draped with bright bougainvillea flowers.


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